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Extra!! Extra!!  Read All About It!!!

The Metal Scene T.V Show is now airing on T.V Station "KJLA" aka "LATV" reaching over 4.5 Million homes in the Southern California area on Satellite, Cable and Free T.V airwaves. Our next airing date is set for Tuesday January 12th @ 10:PM.
We have Advertising space available starting @ $40.00, if interested Contact us @

Great News From "The Metal Scene TV Show"
The Metal Scene has joined forces with are friends in Japan,
we are all so excited about this!! the TV show can be seen on a New Japanese website @ WWW.WEROCKCITY.COM
starting on June 9th. with over 2.2 million subscribers.

Basically, it is a multi-media, virtual city based around (but not limited to) classic rock music, incorporating every aspect of a real town but with a rock twist: e.g. the mayor of the town will be a rock star who will be voted in periodically by its members. On "We Rock City", we will have a virtual TV station where we showcase music videos and interview well-known bands from US, UK and Europe as well as local Japanese bands.

The episode on WWW.WEROCKCITY.COM is the show we did at the Hollywood Rockwalk of fame, Zakk Wylde's induction
with guest speaker "Ozzy Osbourne" and music video's from "SLIPKNOT"

So Check It Out!!!

O.K Metal Heads!!!!
We are getting ready to take the "Metal Scene T.V Show" to the next level Main stream T.V. We have plans on putting the show on local T.V Station KJLA Channel #57 which covers just about all of southern California that includes Cable Company's and Satellite carriers that reaches over 3,229,900.00 homes.

Which covers Just about all of L.A County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Kern County, Barstow, 29 Palms, and other surrounding areas.

We are currently looking for sponsor's for the show. anyone is interested and would like to advertise their Band, Club, Concert, or Business on the show please contact Executive Producer Ron Estrada @

Help us in bringing You and the Metal to the Masses!!!

Ron Estrada
Executive Producer

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